Love is Louder

You can ask us not to pray, but we will. You can say that religion is to blame, but it is not. You can preach that we are the cause of this hate because our faith has blinded us, but it is not so. Faith is meant to be a beacon of hope, a light in the darkness that our world so often faces. I have seen many posts about the Orlando massacre asking people not to pray, but to take action. Maybe I do not understand this because I am a person of faith, and for me prayer is a powerful thing. Prayer is the most concentrated of thought, and when prayer is turned into action, and people come together no force on earth or otherwise can hope to stop it.

I have lived through tragedy. I have seen what prayer can do for people first hand. It is true that maybe in some way Religion has caused this atrocity, but I would argue that the person that did this does not know that my savior lives. They do not live like Christ, and they do not understand that Christ is LOVE. I understand that people want to turn away and condemn religion for this, but it was not God that did this, it was man. Being Human means that there is good and evil in all of us. The parts that we choose to act on are what set us apart from one another.

If you are a hateful and angry person you will bring your hate and anger to religion, and if you are a kind and loving person you will bring that to your religion. Religion has played a part in many horrifying acts throughout history, but not because of Religion. Religion it-self is just a practice of love, good works, and obedience no matter what faith base you practice many of the core concepts are the same. People are what matters. People change one another. People make war with one another, not religion. We do not always have to agree with one another on these matters, but we do have to love one another. Even if you are not religious I do not understand why you would not want a person of faith standing beside you sharing your grief and your pain. We feel it just as you do. It is what makes all of us at our core human.

Here is my thing, if you want to preach love and tolerance for all then maybe instead of condemning religious people for this, you should take our hand and let us walk this path with you. Don’t condemn us for living our lives the way that crazed lunatic condemned the people in Orlando for living theirs. Don’t shut us out because you are in pain. My savior died on the cross for ALL of us, not just for the conservative elite. I know that these things don’t make sense, and I know that the LGBTQ community is hurting.  I want you to know that I am with you and yes I will pray for you, but if you think that is all I am going to do then you are dead wrong. After all the pen has always been mightier than the sword.



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