Faith in Humanity Restored

This semester some of you may or may not know I am taking a theater class. Before anyone gets too excited let me just put a stop to that yyyaaaayyyy!!! you may have been about to scream. This class is a required class, and if there is one thing that we all know about required classes it’s that they are also apparently required to be boring as hell. Shout out to my main pal Jake for suffering through it with me. Anyway, this post only partially deals with my theater class.

In our class we have to go to performances and then write a review on them. If you are familiar with the musical RENT then you won’t be surprised to know that when I missed the performance I was supposed to go to they were sold out for the next one I could make. I was already having a really crappy day… side bar I might have lost my phone somewhere in Ames. Shocking me losing something I know who would have thought. Anyway I was having a crappy day and then I get to the ticket counter to ask if there were any available seats at all. I had to go for my class, or my teacher would have given me an F on the assignment. Not only that, but I really wanted to go because RENT is a great show. The lady said she was sorry and there was nothing she could do the final show had been sold out for a week. It’s RENT, DUH! So with that I turned around and left the building visibly disappointed.

On my way out I got about half way down the side walk when a nice young guy stopped me. He said.” Excuse me miss my mom and my sister are here with me to see RENT and we heard them tell you there were no more tickets. Are you here alone?” I replied saying that I was. He then did the most amazing thing he said the college had given him four tickets instead of three because he is a prospect looking into the theater department, and he offered me the fourth ticket and invited me to sit with his family. Turns out we live in a small world and they were from Cedar Rapids. I never did catch any of their names, but they sat and visited with be before the show started and at intermission. I was so grateful because I got to go to a kick ass show and my faith in humanity might have been restored a little. It really made me realize that it truly does costs nothing to be kind, and sometimes it can make a person’s whole day turn right around.


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