The Later Girl

A lot of things in life that we consider to be great come later. We say that good things come to those who wait, or don’t wish for it wait for it and the right things will eventually come to be. Well, I call BS on the whole thing. In reality waiting around doesn’t get you very far. Waiting to lose weight, waiting for a guy to like you, and even waiting for an apology can be things that we will never see happen if we don’t take the initiative to make them possible. With where I am at in my life right now it always seem like impending adult responsibility is just waiting to kick my ass. I know a lot of people are freaked out about the future, but as it turns out I am not one of those fools. I know what I want out of life and I know that hard work is going to be the thing that gets me there, but that doesn’t stop me from ranting about stupid people on my blog now does it?!

I guess I am tired of being treated like a second option to people I put first. I don’t appreciate being put on the back burner. It’s like people seem to think that they can apologize to me later for being a crappy friend, date me later because I’m not one of those girls looking for Mr. Right NOW, or even get in touch with me later because honestly I’m just here to cater to other people and their whims. If you thought any of that was true you really don’t know me very well. I’m to the point where I don’t have time for meaningless crap in my life. I don’t want to be toyed with or used for my friendship or just in general. To these people I am the “Later Girl”. I am that one that will always be there waiting because that’s just what I do, wait for people to make time for me. I wait until it is convenient for them to decide they really want me to be there for them or vise versa.

Don’t get me wrong I will wait all day if I see potential. If I know that I am not just wasting my time I will put I the extra time it takes to make it work. Being a “Later Girl” sucks because I know that people mentally set me aside for when its convenient for them. To most men I am not a dateable option for this reason. I don’t care on that score, to be honest dating someone just to have someone there is stupid. It cheapens the real deal and when you have the real deal you put in the extra time it takes to make sure it is right.

Here’s the thing, for some people setting me aside for later might work for you, but I never said that it worked for me. I am not someone to be exploited for personal gain. Realize that I am not an object for you to use I am a person with value and feelings a concept many seem to have lost over time. I don’t have to wait around for things to happen I can make things happen in my life if I want them to. You can save me for later, but that doesn’t mean I have to save you for later. Sometimes that ship has sailed.


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