The internet has made many things unrealistic. Everyday we see things that make us think the world is one way and then we end up realizing it is not completely true. One of the things that has been severely affected by the internet is expectations. The ones that we have for ourselves and for other people are now at an all time high. In some ways we have created this ideal world where everything is perfect, our lives are perfect, our bodies must be perfect, and our love life has to be perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist! I am tired of people thinking that it does and being held up next to something that doesn’t exist. This world that I am now being forced to be apart of is not real. It is unrealistic for anyone to think of me in that way.

I don’t always say the right things in real life. My body is not perfect and while it’s still a work in progress it will never be the ideal shape that everyone thinks it should be. Sorry I am human and this was how I was made. I can work hard and try everything possible to look my best, but at the end of the day me being a size two, having six pack abs, and a full bust will probably never be a thing. Stretch marks on the other hand seem to be a common trait for many of us. I wouldn’t want to look like a barbie anyway because that isn’t who I am anyway. I have goals that I want to accomplish. For instance I want to run a marathon so I am trying to start cutting some of the weight that I gained in Europe, but I know that I don’t have to look like a super model to be strong.

My love life doesn’t exist currently, but if it did I don’t think it would look the way that girls try to make it out to be on the internet. I don’t want someone that kisses the ground beneath my feet. When did men become doormats that only exist to buy us gifts? I must have missed that lesson in school or something because last time I checked they don’t notice anything and they don’t care. They never notice hints no matter how many you leave them. You spend all of your time and energy waiting for this perfect guy, one that will buy you a pair of Nike’s and write you the perfect note, but we all know that those girls bought themselves shoes and then wrote that note,  no guy has handwriting that good sorry.

It’s frustrating because these girls that have these expectations are the ones that continuously ruin it for the rest of us. I don’t expect a guy I date to be perfect I’m flawed so why shouldn’t he be. He doesn’t have to have the perfect body, or always say the perfect thing, and he definitely doesn’t have to worship at my feet, all  of the time, but knowing that someone cared about me as much as I did about them is what is truly important. I think this is why people feel the need to talk to more than one person at once. The girls that talk to five guys at once always make me mad. Friend zoned or not you are giving most of those guys the expectation that you are talking to only them, and that they matter to you as much as you might to them. I know that guys do this too, but I don’t see the point of focusing your energies on more than one person. If I want to get to know someone and truly get to know them I think they should have my undivided attention or none at all. it’s unfair to make them think otherwise.

Sometimes I think people forget what reality really is. I guess I am just sick of people wanting perfection because I know that it doesn’t exist. So as usual I am going to give my advice even if you don’t want to hear it. Your body is beautiful no matter what size you are. Don’t be content with your body if you don’t love it do something about it, but don’t hate yourself for now having six pack abs. In my personal experience only the freaks of nature can eat what they want and never gain weight. Most of us aren’t them so cut yourself some slack once in awhile. No guy actually cares if you get all dressed up to see them, you have to dress up for yourself or no one at all. It doesn’t matter if you have feelings for someone if they don’t for you, you will just end up disappointed if you dwell on it. Don’t dwell on it be friends and if it’s meant to be it will be. Know that guys have it just as rough as girls. Some of us have set unrealistic expectations for them and most of them will probably never measure up. If such a guy exists that kisses your butt and he’s “PERFECT” well he sounds like a pussy and I don’t want to meet him anyway.

Life is messy, it’s not perfect if you live it to the fullest it can be the scariest and greatest journey that any of us have ever been on.There will be bumps in the road. No road worth traveling is ever smooth and easy to travel upon. I guess you could say that life as tragic as it is beautiful truly is REALISTIC.


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