Why Worry?

Often times I find that with my anxiety I worry about literally everything. On top of being a confessed hypochondriac I seem to be consumed with the idea of impending doom, and if I am being honest my biggest fear is the zombie apocalypse. Yeah maybe to some it is irrational and even to me it seems silly, but I can’t help worrying. It seems to be a second nature to me and in the last few days I have started to wonder why? What is this obsession that I have with worrying about every thing that is going on around me? I decided to examine it and take it still a step further. Every time that I get on social media people seem to be reposting news stories about Ebola, the drama in the middle east, how the president is handling the country, and still others seem to be fascinated with the crime going on in our everyday surroundings. I get it I myself freak out about such things as well.

Then I started to wonder if those people reposting those things just want someone to share in their worry. I can’t seem to stop hearing about Ebola not just from people here studying abroad, but also from people back home because it is literally on every news channel. If you ask me the news is sensationalising everything. I have read extensively about Ebola and yeah it is a scary thing to think about. Then again does it have to be present in every minute of everyday that I have as a healthy care free twenty year old with my whole life to look forward to? Should I be in a constant states of panic feeling like I could melt down at any second from the fear and anxiety it causes knowing that this disease could spread?

The answer quite simply is no. We are so obsessed with everything that is going on around the world and nationally that we seem to be to distracted to recognise what we have in this life. I have had enough worrying to last me a life time and I am not even married. I have not even turned twenty-one. Life begins after that I hear. So why are we worrying about today when truthfully tomorrow never comes. We could sit here and stress about the future, but that means that we are too busy not enjoying our present. We aren’t being thankful for the healthy breaths that we are taking right now. We are alive! Most of us are able to walk, talk, dress ourselves, and we’re taking all of the little things for grated.

I have been guilty of it, but no more. I am tired of it and I know that it is a useless waste of energy worrying about things that I cannot change. I could very well get Ebola, I could be caught in a country with violence being practiced over a twisted misuse of the Islamic religion, and I could drop over dead at any minute even though I am perfectly healthy from a number of things. I could be hit by a car or I could drown while I am swimming. But if you think that any of that is going to stop me from living my life then maybe it is time to examine yourself. Are you guilty of worrying about everything? Can you control the things your are worried about? Sometimes you just have to let go and give it up to God and if you don’t believe in a God then leave it up to fate. Regardless you don’t have the power to control the situations that arise in this life you can only control how you react to thing that happen. So stop being afraid to live your life because even if the worst should happen it won’t change what you have today.


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