Seven: Oktoberfest Heaven

I know that I have been remiss in my blogging duties this week, but the reason for that is because my laptop is currently out of commission. I will fill you in on last weekend though for all of you who are chomping at the bit to find out how my weekend was. Over the past weekend my roommate Trisha and I went to Oktoberfest. We booked late because as usual I decided to fly by the seat of my pants and wing it. We ended up going camping for the weekend because by the time that we booked all of the hotels and hostels in our price range were full. After sitting on a bus for eight hours I was never so glad to get to a place in my life. This was not my first trip to Germany though. I went with my Dad when we went on our tour through Trafalgar, but this time I got to do more and experience more in Munich that I did the first time around.

Now I won’t bore with all of the dirty details from this weekend because hello it’s a beer drinking festival. I am pretty sure you can figure out what I did this weekend. Anyways, on Friday morning Trisha and I bought Dirndls, which are the traditional German dresses worn by women to the festival, and grabbed a drink. Then it was a mad dash to the bus followed by a short train ride. When we got there almost all of the halls were packed. Our new Australian friend Tom decided that he was going to tag along. The three of us decided that it would be fun to meet some festival goers and bum off of their tables. As in we flirted our way into getting a seat. Score one for being a woman. Not to mention that I didn’t have to pay for any drinks all weekend which was also a nice change of pace. Not to mention the fact that the food was awesome! Honestly I am going to be doing some hard core body cleansing when I get home from Europe.

During our time with the Danish fellows we met Trisha and I somehow got separated. At first I was really scared because I was at the festival alone in a foreign country, but I decided that going back to the campsite and not experiencing the day to the fullest just simply wouldn’t do. I then began to wander around by myself and chat with random groups of people. I first chatted with some German girls about the festival, but they were pretty drunk by that point and were switching between German and English. It was actually really hard to focus and really confusing. I then talked to a group of Americans and they were pretty funny. The girls from America were all from California and you could tell because to be honest they were all freakishly tan. After that I kept walking and ran right into someone.

The guy I ran into was from England and his name was Ben. The rest of the day I spent with Ben and all of his friends. I’m not gonna lie I felt like a pimp. Who wouldn’t when it’s only you and ten random British guys?!  The ones I talked to the most were named, Mark, Chris, Ben, and Harry. They were all really funny and we had a great time at the festival. It kind of reminded me of hanging out with my friends at home the way that they kept teasing each other. Harry had a rough day he lost all of his stuff including his passport which was awful but at the same time kind of funny. It turned out that they were staying at the same campsite as me so we all just went back together and then went our separate ways. The next day went about the same way, but this time I went to bed earlier. I froze the second night because it was really cold at the campsite. I made a friends with a guy from Belgium and talked to one of our marines from Tipton, Iowa. It was really cool to meet someone that wanted to talk about the Iowa vs. Iowa State game and knew what I was talking about!

It wasn’t all fun and games in Germany though. After the two days at the festival I wanted to do something meaningful instead of just saying I went to a huge party. I decided to go with my roommate to Dachau. If you don’t know what Dachau is it is one of the concentration camps in Germany that was liberated by the Americans. Trisha and I went and walked around and read and saw all of the monuments and memorials. It was one of the most humbling and sad experiences of my life. So much suffering happened there that it truthfully was a pretty heavy experience. The barracks and many of the things used by the Nazis are still there to mark what happened. It was haunting and strange to be in a place that I have heard so much about but never seen. I only hope and pray that nothing that horrific ever happens again.

To end on a happy note we made it back to Italy safe and sound, and I am just now starting all of my really intense three week classes. This basically means that I have no life for two more weeks, and that I am going to be living at the school. I have been getting up to run at six am because I have no other time to do it. I have taken a lot of really great pictures on my morning runs of Italy though so I can’t complain too much. I will write more soon. Have a wonderful Fall season everyone, and don’t forget to do the American thang watch football and scream extra loud for me when you do! Ciao!

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