Six: A week with the Chicks!

I have had kind of a boring week this week if you all want the honest truth. Not that anything about Europe is boring, just that there was not as much going on this week as there has been the last few. At least not for me. We have basically stayed in Florence all week and to be honest with you maybe that was a good thing. I feel like I was in need of a breather because this coming week is Oktoberfest! My roommate Trish and I are going to be going together and our other roommate Grace is going to be going separately with one of her friends from back home.

Anyway I will tell you all about Oktoberfest once I have experienced it all with childlike wonder and tested my body’s amazing liver capabilities! Before I can tell you all that I have to fill you in on the lesser adventures. This week I had my first photography critique in class and to say it went badly would be an understatement of epic proportions. It went horribly. Maybe not to my teacher, but to me it seemed like the worst thing imaginable.

The first thing that you should know is that I actually have no clue what I am doing when it comes to using a camera. Sure I was on the year book staff in high school during my senior year, but let’s be honest the real MVP’s were Laura Moorman, Jenna Schade, and Dylan Power. Ergo all very good with technology and organization. You go Glen CoCo! The rest of us were recruited by Ackerman for some unknown reason. I would like to think she recruited me for my creativity and my writing, but who really knows, all that matters is it wasn’t for my photography skills. So here I am at college across the ocean trying to hone some skill that I apparently do not possess.

When we go to class everyone presented their pictures through a slide show after we had them uploaded to the server. The first girl edited all of her photos and cropped them to perfection. She also had them done in black and white. In case you didn’t know to a photography professor that is gold. Almost everyone had amazing pictures that were perfectly edited. Not to be dramatic but I feel like everyone is my class is a professional and has done all of this crap before. It kind of seems a little unfair if you ask me, so it is a good thing we are being graded on improvement and not on best photos ever taken, otherwise I might we playing a losing game.

After that class the week stayed in pretty much the same boring routine come home, make food, do dishes, go for a run with Trish Etcetera. Well then on Tuesday night Trish and I decided to make the most epic of decisions. We signed up for Oktoberfest. For those of you that don’t know what it is basically it is a giant three weeklong festival dedicated to the large amount of beer consumption and being German. I have German ancestors so it seems like a fabulous excuse to go if you ask me. Hey I’m a college student sue me!

That isn’t the craziest thing I did this week. Wait till you get a load of this. I had a completely vegetarian meal done by the schools restaurant, meaning it is prepared by some of the world’s finest staff and students. It was actually really good and although I don’t plan on becoming a vegetarian anytime soon it was really cool to get outside of my comfort zone and try something really different. So maybe my week wasn’t completely crazy and filled with as many fun filled adventures. Every explorer needs a little bit of rejuvenation now and then. I will tell you more when I have better things to report for now stay amazing and live life like every day is your best.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3photo 4 (1)


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