My Crazy European Adventure: Week Three


                This week has been a huge learning experience for me. I have finally arrived in Italy and I have moved into my new apartment. I never thought that I would ever be this homesick though. They told us at our orientation that it hits you about the second or third week of being away from home. So I guess this means that it is right on schedule. We have had plenty of free time so far, and I think that may be why I am so homesick because you know me I dwell on everything. Not that Italy isn’t beautiful but I just miss home. I think that once I get busy with classes and traveling around it will be fine.

                I start my classes on Tuesday this coming week and then I have class on Wednesday. After that I am free to travel for the weekend. Hello Italy! I hope that my camera doesn’t run out of space because it looks like I am going to be taking a lot of pictures. I am really excited to start my classes because they are all in the same location, and I am beyond excited to learn all of the new things that my teachers have to teach me. The way classes are done here are so much different than in the U.S. For example we don’t have desks we sit on couch cushioned seats set up stadium style. If that isn’t cool then I give up.

                I also really like my roommates. There are six of us and there are three rooms. My roommates name is Andrea she is from Michigan and as you might have guessed she goes by Andy. I really like her because she is really the complete opposite of me. Don’t get me wrong we have things in common because we are both nerdy, but she is kind of soft spoken and shy, and we all know that I am neither of those things. We both like to read so it looks like bringing all of the books I brought with me was a good idea. I think that it is really good to be around someone that is so different from me, and who knows maybe she will teach me to be quieter I doubt it but you never know.

                The rest of the girls are all really cool too. The first one that I met was Courtney, she is also from Michigan and she and Andy go to the same school along with her roommate Trish. This poor girl had the airlines loose her luggage for four days and took it like a champ. I probably would have chewed someone out if it were me, but she was pretty cool about it and she got it Saturday so that’s a plus. She is kind of the self-proclaimed mom out of everyone here which I think is funny. She reminds me of Jessica McEvoy actually, and it really cracks me up because they both have the same laugh.

                Trish is the oldest and she will graduate right after this. She is just as homesick as me so we have kind of been keeping each other sane. She is really sweet and I think we are going to be fast friends. Grace and Lexi are the other two girls. Grace is from Massachusetts and Lexi is from Colorado, and they are both really fun. Lexi is really crazy, but in a good way. She is here to learn the culinary arts so let’s hope she doesn’t make me too fat. Grace is here for business, but she is going to be doing a lot of culture classes. She is kind of quiet, but then again I think everyone is quiet so I guess we will see how the semester goes.

 I am sure you will hear a lot more about all of these ladies because we are stuck together for the next four months. I can’t wait to get out and tour some more of Italy and Europe. As always I am going to keep an open mind and see where the rest of this adventure takes me. Wish me Luck!

photo (3) photo (4)


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