I Nerd Out!

Sometimes I need to nerd out. Yeah it has now become a thing for me to “NERD OUT”. I have this habit of wanting to talk about the worst topics. I love talking about anything and everything because as you all know I never shut up, but truthfully you don’t even know the half of it and that’s the sad part. I am a huge nerd. I love to read and write obviously or you wouldn’t be reading my super nerdy blog. Here’s the thing, I have recently made the observation that perhaps it is time to put away the glasses and chill for a second. At the pace I am going with all of this geekery I will have ten cats before I even graduate college, and I’m a dog person!

I get the feeling that most men aren’t into the whole nerdy chick thing. Plus let’s be real here don’t exactly look like Jess from “New GIRL” so there is strike one. Maybe I am reading too much into this, but truthfully if you are on the receiving end of someone’s nerd fest it would probably get to be a little old after a while. I am a long way off from being full on nerd, but who knows maybe comic books are my next big thing. At this point it truly wouldn’t surprise me. Lately the only thing that I seem to know how to do is act like an idiot in front of people. Sorry but “Game of Thrones” just demands to be talked about and I can’t help it if I have a problem.

It also kind of bothers me that so many people are so close minded. I know that watching a documentary on New Year’s Eve is probably the last thing anyone besides me would want to do, but I would encourage you to broaden your horizons a little bit. There is more to life than instagraming a selfie of yourself or your food. You would think that would get boring to people after a while, but hey who am I to judge? Truthfully the only thing I can really say for certain is I may be a nerd, but at least I’m not boring. So to all my fellow nerds don’t let the haters hate because even if you can’t seem to stop obsessing over the next season of Glee there is someone out there just as nerdy as you.


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