I Can’t

Lately it seems like I have been writing a lot of deep pieces on my blog. Things that I think about that I believe have changed my outlook on life etc. Well, it is time to cut the sob story and get down to some actual girl issues, and let me tell you I have a lot of them.

First of all let’s just take a minute to appreciate the fact that I am single and obviously ready to mingle. One of the biggest issues here is there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of mingling going on. Not that I haven’t been around guys, but as usual instead of being a normal human being I have to go into full on tard mode. THAT’S AWESOME! So basically for those of you who don’t know tard mode is it’s when your brain kind of shuts down when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone cute. Ergo it’s not that opportunity hasn’t presented itself. I’m usually just too busy being an idiot to actually get to know anyone. Plus no one wants to talk to someone that has resting bitch face and apparently I do. STRIKE TWO!  Honestly if I can’t find something to talk about you know it’s bad because I never shut up.

Second what is with this weather! I just want to go outside and tan. The weather is beyond pissing me off. Thanks I can finally wear a cute swimming suit without looking like a whale…. just kidding its flash flooding. I’m not a duck so I am not enjoying the weather at all. Furthermore we had enough snow this winter to last a life time. So what summer has to show up winter in the never ending battle of let’s see how much we can ruin the holidays for everyone. Side bar I won’t be going floating for the fourth and I am definitely bitter.

Thirdly can I just say that this whole not looking cute ever thing is kind of cramping my style. At school I at least get to dress nice because I am around people I want to impress. The only time I actually get to dress up is on the weekend and most of the time I am too busy watching Netflix like a boss to bother with all of that drama. The only time I ever look good is if I am going to church and not to sound rude but old people really don’t care what you wear to church because they are too busy critiquing the sermon to care.

Finally the last thing that I seem to be having issues with is studying. Honestly this summer class is going to be the death of me. I hate studying and forgive me if I am of the opinion that school doesn’t actually measure someone’s intelligence. I know a lot of stupid book smart people. Yes I’m excited you got an A on your chemistry exam now can you sit down and be an actual person for ten seconds because no one actually cares about the periodic table. I truthfully just need a break from life for like a month. If I could go into hibernation I think now would be a great time because lately I just can’t even.

Summer is flying by and before I know it, it will be time to go to Italy. If I am leaving for Italy in August I should probably get it together between now and then. My response to that is easier said than done. For now I am blogging because really who doesn’t like avoiding their problems with the internet.


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