Chivalry is Dead

Chivalry is Dead

I have discovered that chivalry is dead. I really do not know how long it has been dead for, but I promise you that it is. I’m sure that we will place the blame on the shoulders of the women because if they were not so determined to be equal to men than chivalry would still yet exist. Well, I am an independent woman and I do not think that I “need” a man to save me or that I am somehow inferior to him. I would however like to pose this question. Why has it become socially acceptable for men to not treat a woman like a lady? If they are in fact supposed to be gentlemen then why would being equals make me less of a lady. It doesn’t!
In the past year now I have started to notice that chivalry is dead. I have had more doors shut in my face than I ever have in my life. Since when do guys not hold a door for you?! I thought that was just common courtesy. Apparently not. Even just today I was walking into my building and I held a door for a guy because the guy in front of me didn’t bother to hold the door even though he was literally a step ahead of me. The guy I held the door for didn’t even so much as nod at me or say thank you. Apparently I was holding the door for him for my health.
It isn’t just that though that I have seen. I am starting to wonder if the guys of my generation even know what being a gentleman means anymore. Did no one teach them how to be polite? Women can be independent all they want that doesn’t mean that they deserve any less respect for wanting to be more than just a woman. The worst example I have seen of this is when I go out with my friends. Since when did it become okay for a guy to just grab at me when I am on the dance floor?! Newsflash if you wanted to dance with me asking me would probably be more appropriate than invading my personal space without any warning. Also it is not okay for you to put your hands on me in anyway unless I give you permission, and I can promise you that I didn’t.
I don’t think anyone has been this aggravated with men since the last time Taylor Swift wrote a song. It would be nice to date someone, but I want to date a “Gentleman” and right now they are apparently in short supply. Chivalry is dead so guess what ladies you can wait for your knight in shining armor slash prince charming all you want, but I am just giving you fair warning now you are probably going to be waiting for a while.


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