Dear Personal Wellnes… I HATE you

                Have you ever had a class or a seminar of some kind that you just really don’t want to go to. That one class that makes you want to just scream in frustration because you don’t know if you can pay attention for one more minute. The class that I am talking about here at UNI is Personal Wellness. If you have ever read my tweets on Twitter you know just how much I enjoy this class. Bottom line, I don’t.

                Every day I have eight am class and let me tell you by the time I have Personal Wellness at ten on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am ready to slit my wrists. I know that is melodramatic it’s supposed to be. Because believe me that class is so boring it would probably make it interesting if I actually did. One day for example it took our teacher fifteen minutes to start the class because she was explaining something about the website. That would have been all well and good if she hadn’t done this every day for the first three days of the semester. Let me tell you by the second week you are at your wits end with her explaining everything again like you are in kindergarten and have no idea what school even is.

                I have considered skipping this class multiple times because honestly it is probably the easiest class ever. It is basically like a more detailed version of the health class that you had to take in high school. Only I have the most boring teachers in existence. Can you at least make it exciting for me to come to class instead of having me sit there praying for it to be over? I am not saying that the topic we are talking about is interesting, because honestly it isn’t, but do you have to talk in the most monotone voice that you possibly can? Do you have to drone on and on when we grasp the concept? Actually just done with this class and we aren’t even to midterm….help!


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