Often times in life we forget the little things. With today’s world being the way it is we always hear about all of the evil things people do to one another. In life there is typically little honesty and most of the time talk is cheap. Sometimes I have been accused of being too honest, but I guess if it were me I would rather have someone be blunt and too honest  than a shady liar. I have been through the ringer a time or two, and I am sure that I will be put through the ringer again. I wanted to write this post for people who feel that they are not loved, or people that are struggling with bullies. I know what hate can do to people. I have seen it first hand. I have even felt it, but I caution you hating others does no good. More often than not hating people hurts you more. Whoever said saying your sorry is a sign of weakness was dead wrong. It takes more strength and courage to say you are sorry than it does to wait for an apology.

The people of my generation often do not say they are sorry enough. They seem to think they are entitled to everything and in most cases this would also include an apology. I have pondered and wondered why people have trouble saying they are sorry, or why they can’t except an apology that has already been made. Does it feel good to hurt someone, does it make you feel better to spit in that person’s face when they are reaching out their hand to you? I could apologize for all of the bad things I have done in my life, but you know what we would probably be sitting here for awhile. Another thing that takes courage is actually accepting someone’s apology. It might be hard at first, but in the end you will both feel better. I have seen some pretty crappy things done to others I have even done some crappy things to others, but that is why we are human. People make mistakes and constantly belittling them when all they are trying to get is a fresh start can make even the nicest person look awful.

Obviously if you hate someone you feel something. So examine it. Hate is not the opposite of love indifference is. I am sure that if you are being talked badly about by someone it is not because they don’t care. One the contrary they care a lot. Because if they truly did not care about you or your life they would have no reason to talk badly about you, spread rumors about you, or even put nasty indirect messages out about you on social networking sites.

 Why is it necessary to hurt someone that way? What do you gain by kicking them when they are already on their knees? Have you ever been put in their position? Do you know what life has done to them? the answer to all of these is you gain nothing, and no you do not know what someone else has been through because you are not them. How could anyone possibly understand another person’s situation if they haven’t lived in it? It is simple they can’t. The only thing we as humans can do is open our arms with love. Even if you get kicked when you are down it is more important to reach out your hand even if the other person is unwilling to take it. I know how much it hurts to apologize and have someone spit in my face. I also know how hard it is to accept someone who makes an honest and sincere apology.

Nothing bad ever came from forgiveness and love. Just like nothing good came from hating someone or being too prideful. So remember to love the people you dislike, pray for the ones that hurt you, and above all be the bigger person. Except your mistakes and your flaws as well as theirs and know that you are loved.


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