Finals Week

There is one week that college students dread more than any other week. That week is finals week. Not only is finals week a time of binge eating, stress studying, and working out like a mad person, it is also a time for us to use the knowledge that we have gained over the past semester to prove to our professor that we know some of this stuff. It tells them that their efforts were not all in vain. Now that I am a Sophomore it has been brought to my attention that upperclassmen do not have it as bad during finals week. The more I look around campus the more I see Freshman that look as if they want to cry. They all seem to be individual ticking time bombs. If one thing in their plan of study goes wrong they just might explode.

As an upperclassmen I realize that I too was once in the same shoes as these freshman, and so I thought that I would offer not only my condolences but my advice. The first piece of advice I have for you is drink a lot of fluids, specifically coffee. The caffeine helps you stay up longer so that you can study more. I also would recommend a few good playlists on your I-pod because if you are anything like me music helps keep you sane.  Also, do not try with your wardrobe what so ever until the actual day of finals. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I do however think that it is important to dress up when you go to take your final because if you look good nine times out of ten you feel good too.

When it comes to the whole binge eating thing my advice is DO NOT! In the end it will only cause more harm then good. Exercise instead it is better for you and it will make you feel a lot better about yourself in the long run. I like to run but if running isn’t your thing then maybe do some yoga it will relax not just the body, but the mind as well. When it comes to actually getting your stuff done for finals do the hardest stuff first. It will be a load off your mind and it will help you focus better on the things you still have to learn before you go into your test.

The day of your test remember the most important thing to do is breathe. Chances are even if you do not do as well as you wanted to one your final you will still pass your class. So calm down crazy! Once finals are  finally over celebrate, because people get this, you don’t have to take them again until May!