Communication: If only it were that easy

Although I am a communication major communication is never easy. In college communication is essential in any situation. I have learned that there are two types of communication that take place on a college campus. Verbal communication as well as nonverbal communication are tools that if mastered can help you understand other people, most of the time. I however find that when it comes to other people I am usually at a loss.

There are usually only three types of strangers that ever seem to want to talk to me. The first is the valley girl. The valley girl while very beautiful and nice does not have a lot going on in her brain. That is not to say that the valley girl is not smart, on the contrary, the valley girl lacks depth. I have met only a few of these girls, but whenever you venture into a topic that requires them to think you may as well just pack up your backpack and leave while you still can. Them trying to understand a deep topic is like me trying to be a swim suit model, it’s never going to happen.

The second type of stranger that I always find my self cornered by is the village idiot. What I mean by village idiot is, there are some people that I have talked to on campus that make me feel like I am getting dumber just sitting there listening to them. I am pretty sure if you think that Asia is a country you probably should not have been accepted into college. Not only is the village idiot slightly stupid, the village idiot always thinks that what they have to say is the most important thing in the world. No one cares about your views on the world because most of the time you have no idea what you are talking about anyway. As you can tell I have had more than one run in with the village idiot.

The third type of person on campus is the awkward starer or as I like to call them the classroom peeping tom. There is typically one in every class room. That guy or girl that will not stop staring at you. The one that you just want to ask them if you have something on your face. Sorry to burst your bubble but people do not go to the library to be creepily stared at, they go there to study. The reason that the classroom peeping tom is so annoying is because they never really do seem to talk to you. Maybe it is just a case of them being shy, but considering I do not possess a single shy bone in my body people not talking and staring is a huge pet peeve. Seriously guy in Humanities I. I know that it is eight o’clock in the morning  and I look super beautiful with no makeup on, or scary whichever you prefer, but I would appreciate it if you would make the creepy staring a little less obvious.

Communication is a huge part of our lives. Although it can be to your benefit you are always going to run into people that you do not necessarily care for. Being able to interact with them in any setting especially the work place is key. Being in college is one of the greatest and worst experiences ever. Granted the good outweighs the bad, but not everything can be sunshine and roses all the time. I guess the point I am trying to make is be aware of the messages that you send to people. Everyone interprets things differently, and if you are not careful you may just end up in a conversation you can not escape.


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