All month long I have seen posts on Facebook and Twitter about what everyone is thankful for this year. So, I figure it is about time for me to say what I am the most thankful for this year. I am thankful for so much this year that it will be very hard to choose between everything. The first thing that I am thankful for is my family. My Dad is the best Dad that anyone could ask for. Between supporting me in everything that I do to giving me advice when I most need it he has been amazing, and he does laundry in case anyone wanted to know. My brother Nathan is a senior this year and although he is moving forward in his life and saying goodbye to high school I am very thankful for him because he always knows just how to make me laugh. Between snap chatting me ridiculous pictures to all of our inside jokes he is the best brother I could ask for. You might even say he is my favorite brother.

Now for the little witches. Mallory is finally a freshman and she thinks that she rules the roost at home. Truthfully for the most part she does. I am thankful that she is such a big help to my Dad. She has grown up so much in one year that she almost does not seem like  the same kid. I am glad to call her my sister because in the middle of a fight she will definitely have my back, even if she is skinny she is still pretty scrappy. Last but not least is Emily. Em is the baby of our family, but sometimes I think she is smarter and wiser than all of us. I am thankful that she is my sister because even though we fight she always knows when something needs to be done. Like my mom she is very much a busy body. She is always doing something. Even though her lists drive me crazy, I am thankful that she keeps me somewhat organized when I am at home.

The next thing that I am the most thankful for this year are all of my friends. I have so many friends that care about me that it is impossible to name them all. So for this year I will stick to two. I am very thankful for my roommate and friend Amy Peiffer. She and I are both crazy and we get along great. I was really nervous about transferring to UNI, but when I met her this Summer I did not really realize what I was getting myself into. Not only is she awesome, but we have the same taste in music, books, and we are both total slobs. If I was smart I would let Emily come up to visit because we all know that crazy can not stand a mess. Between our late night Perkins runs to shopping at Target together Amy and I have become great friends and I am thankful to have her as my roommate.

The second friend that I am thankful for is Whitney Broghammer. If you want to know what true friendship is take a page out of her book. Whitney has been there for me through everything, even when she had bad things going on in her life, she still managed to be there for me. She offered me nothing but support when I was at my lowest. I love having her at UNI because even though we have different schedules and live in different places we still manage to make time to see each other. I have never had a friend like her, and I can honestly say we will be best friends for life no matter where it takes us.

This year remember the people that are here with you that you are thankful for as well as those who have passed on. We never know how long we have with someone so make every minute count. I am thankful that I have a guardian angel watching over me at every minute of everyday. Although I miss my Mom everyday I know she is still watching over me and making sure that I am successful in life. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Don’t plan on the future because sometimes tomorrow never comes. Instead live everyday like your last. Love deeply,  forgive often, and above all give thanks for all that you have.


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